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At Ingrained we’ve always loved the idea of shelving being integrated into the fabric of the building so floating shelves were an obvious addition to our repertoire. They look great in almost every setting as they have the feel of always having been there.

A good time to add floating shelves is just before you plan to redecorate a room. This way they can be added primed and ready for painting and the shelves can then be painted the same colour as the walls for a super integrated look. However, if you plan on having the shelves a different colour to contrast the walls they can be installed fully lacquered in any colour and a good painter will bring the wall colour to meet the shelves seamlessly. The most popular colour is the classic white finish and itӳ easy to see why. White is timeless and as fashions in colours come and go white never looks out of place.

The main difficulty when dealing with floating shelves is the installation, it needs to be safe and capable of holding a fair amount of weight. This challenge is dealt with differently depending on the makeup of the walls the floating shelves are to be attached to and the span of the shelves themselves.